Time's Up to Stand Up!

Dallas County, we need your help.


Join us for Census Day on September 23rd to encourage your friends, family and neighbors to get counted. Please see below for downloadable Dallas County Census Day emails and social media posts: 


Subject Line

The census is almost over

Only a few weeks left to make a difference

Don’t miss out on taking the census

Social Media


  1. The census count is ending soon, you still can make a change by adding your count.  #DallasCounts2020

  2. I made a difference by taking the census.

  3. Don’t miss out on taking the census! #DallasCounts2020

  4. I contributed to change by taking the census. #DallasCounts2020

  5. You can still make a difference. Your survey response will help your community for the next 10 years. The more people counted; the more federal funding your community receives. #DallasCounts2020

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#DallasCounts2020 | #DallasCuenta2020

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