Tool Kit | 2020 Dallas Census

Tool Kit

Ready to help the 2020 Census effort for Dallas County? Download printable + digital assets below to show why together, We All Count. If you need assistance in printing, please reach out to Click on the green link to view files. 

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Count  Me In

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Walk the talk

We say we want change, but change requires action, a movement, a response - a step forward. Change is bound to happen, but will it be the change you want in your community? 


By taking the census, you're saying you exist, you matter. Your collective voice will influence the way 1.5 trillion dollars are distributed throughout the country. If you aren't heard, you aren't seen. Encourage your neighborhood to take the census to shape your community's future. Will you walk the talk for a better tomorrow?

Complete the census

675 billion dollars are distributed to programs and services that positively impact communities around the country. The money that each program receives is determined by the number of people participating in the census. If you aren't counted, your neighborhood will receive less than it needs to service its residents.


Influence the decision of where those funds are apportioned by completing the census today. The census is safe, simple, and secure - 10 questions, 10 minutes, that's it. Go to or call 844.330.2020 and get counted.

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