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Culture and Heritage Celebration




Honor and


These words are echoed through the celebration of Latino culture throughout the world. Especially in states like Texas whose abundance of rich heritages has seen a growing number of ethnicities in the last couple of years, specifically Hispanic.

By 2022, Texas will have the largest Hispanic population and account for 65% of the state's growth.

If you need a good reason to take the census, here it is—citizen, resident, undocumented, or recent immigrant if you live here, your voice matters, status does not. Many families that choose Dallas County are looking for opportunities for the next generation in their families. Opportunities to start a business, send their children to a great neighborhood school and eventually off to college. This is why the census means so much.

Your presence alone alters the growing landscape of our county and state. Your responses to the Census alters how much money, representation, and even power are given. So, do your part and take care of your family and community by adding your voice and completing your Census survey.

Together we can change the representation to reflect our growing community better and to celebrate the flourishing cultures that are thriving in Dallas County. Inspire movement within your community by starting here and now. Take the census to continue to thread the strength of our families for our children's future. Go to or call 844-330-2020.

Your future is in your hands.

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