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Introducing: Census Block Walkers

The purpose of the Block Walker is to spread the word about the importance of completing the 2020 Census survey and to ensure everyone's voice is heard and counted.

You may also see block walkers at info events like Dallas ISD food lines and even outside of Lowe's home improvement businesses with kiosks ready to allow residents to self-respond to the Census. Look for our Census branded van in your neighborhood as well. We'll have a mobile hotspot to share and tons of prizes and giveaways.

2020 Dallas County Census Block Walker

A Block Walker will:
  1. Give you information to help you self-respond

  2. Share resources, videos and audio to assist in self-response

  3. Hand out FREE prizes and giveaways

A Block Walker will not:
  1. Complete the Census for you

  2. Ask to enter your home

  3. Ask about your Social Security number or immigration status

  4. Ask for your income, bank account number, or other financial information

  5. Ask for PINs or passwords

  6. Ask for a donation or money

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