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Protected Info. Big Benefits.

The Census Is Everyone’s Responsibility.

There are many benefits for Dallas County from getting a full and accurate count in the

2020 U.S. Census. Unfortunately, there is also much confusion around the privacy of the census information you provide.

Your Information Is Protected

Stand Up and Be Counted

The U.S. Census Bureau cannot legally share any personal information about you or anyone living with you. No landlord, no clinic, no policeman, no company and no other government agency will have access to your information. And your census information cannot be used by anyone to take your benefits or your home.

Know Your Census Taker

Census takers, identified by official ID tags, will never ask you for your Social Security number, or bank or credit information. Census takers can face fines and even prison for sharing your information.

Take the Census to Help Your Community

Your community is counting on everyone to take the census. Census information helps guide the federal government in deciding how much money to spend on which communities — to support local schools, roads and other improvements. Even a 1% undercount could cause a big loss in funding to important community programs. Texas stands to lose more federal funding from an undercount in 2020 than any other state.*

Watch your mailbox for your invitation to take the 2020 U.S. Census. It’s quick (only 10 questions) and available online, by phone or by mail.

Let’s put community first. Stand up and be counted.

*Source: Dr. Andrew Reamer, The George Washington University, Counting for Dollars 2020

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