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The Importance of Counting Our Veterans in the 2020 US Census

We honor the over 1.1 million veterans who paid the ultimate price in service to this country. We salute those fallen service members and their families.

Veterans Count!

Let’s also thank those veterans who live and work in our community by taking the 2020 U.S. Census. The census helps decide how billions of dollars in funds are spent in of support critical public services, including veterans’ hospitals and medical programs, schools, emergency services and roads and bridges.

How Does the Census Help Veterans?

  • Census data helps lawmakers plan and fund programs that provide veterans with services through programs like:

    • VA Home Loan Guarantee Program

    • Post-9/11 GI Bill

    • Job-training and hiring-preference programs

  • Census data helps ensure government programs fairly serve veterans and their needs.

  • Supports the construction of needed VA medical facilities.

Dominick, a World War II veteran, shares his experiences and stresses the importance of the U.S. Census to the health of our country.

A full and accurate census count for Dallas County serves all residents. Get counted!

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