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We've got work to do

We're a few weeks into taking the census, and we've seen a positive response from you, our residents. Thank you! Let's maintain the momentum by encouraging our family, friends, coworkers and neighbors to participate as well. By now you should have received your paper survey in the mail. You have the option of completing and mailing in your paper census if you can’t fill it out online. The good news – the census has been extended to October 31.

Our neighborhoods may need new buildings, roads and programs to help with the growth of our families in the coming years. We still have time to make a difference by contributing our voices to ensure necessary changes are made in our communities. Currently, only 47.9% of Dallas County has committed to the census. That's why we need your help to spread the word within your community.

We need to start the conversation about the census on social media and share the reason why everyone needs to complete the survey. Text family and friends encouraging them to fill out the census. Call your neighbors and share resources that will help them complete the census by phone or multi-language how-to videos to eliminate any language barriers or fears about completing the census.

Stir your neighborhood to take action. If we do little, we get little. Inaction is not an option for any of us. We need a response from every resident.

Please do your part - take the census and encourage others to complete it. Our actions today will change the future. It starts with us. Share the website, mail in your census survey, and make a difference.

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