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Your Future Self Will Thank You

Imagine if you used your voice for a better future

Two years from now, you'll be enjoying that rec center that’s around the corner and feel a sense of pride because you'll remember that your voice counted to help make the decision to start the construction of this project.

Six years from now, you'll be helping your firstborn pack for college. You'll be thankful that your census survey provided the numbers to estimate future needs and helped to provide access to more young people through Pell Grant assistance, for which your child applied and qualified.

Nine years from now, your grandparents may need additional care, but you'll have peace of mind knowing they can take advantage of programs like National Family Caregiver Support or The Emergency Food Assistance Program because you encouraged them to take the 2020 census and their voices were heard.

The census is short and easy, 10 questions, 10 minutes, that’s it. Mail it in or head over to and make your future self proud by taking action now.

Your future self will thank you.

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