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Your information is secure, there are no exceptions to the law

Do your part, get counted

There has been a lot of hesitation in some of our communities to complete the 2020 census. With good reason, many residents have expressed doubt and fear that their information will be used against them. The fear, in large part, is felt by recent immigrants, or undocumented residents because there is a misconception that government agencies can use that data to find them. The census is an essential part of our democracy and its sole purpose is to gather statistical data to determine the needs of every community in the United States.

Your information will not be shared with any governmental agency, not ICE, FBI, or CIA; it's the law, and there are no exceptions.

Title 13 of the United States code states that all Census Bureau employees take an oath to protect your information. It's a serious federal crime to violate this law with up to 5 years in prison and $250,000 fine - or both.

Sadly, this untruth is keeping many from participating in the census and that means you aren’t likely to get the appropriate funding that you and your family need.

Your census information influences where roughly 1.5 trillion dollars are spent! Imagine if everyone in your community unified and got counted?

The opportunity to shape the country only comes around every 10 years. This is the time to stand up for what you need within your community. Trust that your contribution to the census will remain private while also feeling proud that your voice will guide the funding for programs and services that will positively impact your family and community's future needs.

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